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Emergency interventions on call

Our team of doctors is available to our patients 24 hours a day if urgent intervention is necessary, both on weekends and during holidays.

Painless treatments

In our office, all types of anesthesia are available to you. Totally painless procedures of all types of dental services are guaranteed.

Quality equipment and materials

Our office is equipped with modern devices from reputable manufacturers, which provides the patient with safety and quality of service. We use the best quality materials and patients have an insight into what is used for their treatments.

Friendly and pleasant staff

We try to make our patients comfortable in our office, so it is decorated to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Nice ambience, and pleasant and friendly staff together make your stay at the dentist a positive experience.

Complete care of your teeth

Dentalmed is a modern dental clinic, specialized in all types of dental services.

How do we work?

You can get a perfect smile right away

Call us


The first step is to call us on the phone number, tell us what kind of problem you have, to make an appointment with an adequate doctor / specialist.

Dental check-up and consultations


Dental check up determines your existing condition in detail, with additional diagnostic methods and an X-ray. After that, the doctor takes the time to explain through conversation what you want and how you want to solve the problem or change your smile.

Problem solving


After you agree with the treatment plan proposed by our doctor, the doctor will refer you to a further procedure. Appointments are arranged when it suits you, according to your arrangements. When all that is planned is completed, you leave our office satisfied and with a smile, because everything was absolutely painless, with the help of kind and professional doctors.

What we do?

We practice an individual approach to each patient. First, schedule a aental check-up, where we will find out what is problematic and what you want to change in your smile. Then we present in detail all the possible options that will solve your problem in the best way. After that, we decide together which option is best for you and accordingly we start the realization of your new smile.


dental services


dental specialists

Our Services

Endodontics is the treatment of the root of the tooth, caused by gangrene or advanced caries that has affected the nerve.


The children in our dental office are gladly seen patients, who must be approached with a lot of attention and patience.


Dental tourism has found application in our practice, because patients receive top service in a very short time and at a much more affordable price than in their countries.


Aesthetic medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with non-surgical aesthetic corrections, removal of signs of aging, beautification, care.


Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that deals with the movement of teeth and jaws up to the ideal position.


Dental prosthetics is a branch of dentistry that involves the placement of artificial teeth, in order to compensate for non-existent ones.


Dental implants are the best way to replace teeth, for the simple reason that adjacent teeth are not sacrificed to compensate for non-existent ones and because they prevent the withdrawal of gums and bones in places where there are no teeth.


Oral surgery is one of the most represented branches of dentistry. The reason for that lies in the fact that it solves any problem that cannot be solved otherwise.


Teeth whitening has recently become one of the most sought-after services. It is done, above all, for aesthetic reasons, when patients want to repair the damage caused by smoking, coffee, juices and others.


Complete dental care

Dentalmed is a modern clinic with a professional team of doctors, specializing in all types of dental services. In accordance with the current way of life, no time is wasted going to several places to solve the problem and everything can be done in one place.

Did you know?

‘’People who consume 3 or more glasses of soft drink a day, develop up to 65% more chances of caries and tooth loss’’
‘’Right-handed people use the right side of the jaw more, while left-handed people use the left side of the jaw more’’
‘’On average, women smile 62 times a day and men 8 times a day’’
‘’There are 12 teaspoons of sugar in one can of carbonated juice’’
‘’Just like a fingerprint, dental status is unique’’
‘’On average, people spend 45 to 70 seconds brushing their teeth. The recommendation is 2-5 minutes’’
‘’If you do not use dental floss, you leave 40% of the tooth surface uncleaned’’
‘’In 1882, dental floss was produced for the first time’’
‘’Giraffes, unlike humans, have only the teeth of the lower jaw’’
‘’The great blue whale, the largest animal on the planet, eats only small shrimps because it has no teeth’’
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