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Dental office DentalMed NS, was opened in 2015, in the heart of Novi Sad. Equipped with the most modern equipment, materials of the highest quality that most dental offices don’t have, it is slowly finding its place. With a team of experts and associates consisting of a general dentist, orthodontist, oral surgeon, prosthetist, it is possible to solve problems in all areas of dentistry, including implantology, oral surgery, prosthetics, orthodontics and aesthetic dentistry. With a pleasant, modern ambience and kind and professional doctors and specialists in all fields, your oral health is our absolute imperative!


Qualified team of professionals

In our dental  office, all doctors, in addition to completed specializations, are constantly educated in the country and abroad at various congresses, seminars, courses for the latest technologies and methods of work, in order to improve the service.

dental office Dentalmed Novi Sad

Discover what we offer


Patients, with the help of our competent doctor (orthodontic expert), solve the problem of incorrect position of teeth and jaws, incorrect bite, which leads to many further complications. By combining several techniques for which our doctor is further educated, with individual therapy determined for each patient, and offering more orthodontic appliances, aesthetic sapphire and transparent foil and classic appliances (fixed dentures), patients have the opportunity to completely change and beautify their a smile.

Oral surgery

Many tooth extractions require a surgical approach due to their inaccessible position in the jaw bone. Cysts, processes around the tooth root and many other surgical interventions are performed daily in our office. With our surgeons, all forms of surgical interventions are absolutely painless and safe for patients with adequate preparation and follow-up after the intervention.


Patients quickly and safely solve the problem of missing one or more teeth, or aesthetically repair and beautify the appearance of their teeth. With a large offer of materials for crowns and prostheses, from classic to aesthetic metal-free crowns, patients get a new smile in a short time, change their appearance and confidently leave our office.


The best way to solve the lack of one or more teeth, if the conditions are necessary, are implants. They enable the restoration of teeth, without damaging and loading the surrounding teeth, while preserving the bones. Our implant surgeon has many years of experience and we provide you with the safest and completely painless way to place implants.

Dental treatment

Whether you need to repair caries and fillings, or demanding root treatment (“nerve extraction”), in our office we work with the help of the highest quality materials. We apply mechanical treatment of dental canals (dental treatment), with the use of the latest generation of devices, which ensures better treatment and thus saving teeth, in order to prevent tooth loss or cysts due to inadequate treatment.

Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Program

Our doctors are educated and certified to perform aesthetic and anti-aging treatments. With the use of hyaluronic acid of undisputed quality (you get a certificate from the manufacturer) you can correct and beautify the appearance of your lips in a natural way, and with botulinum toxin (botox) to fill wrinkles and look fresh. With a variety of meso-cocktails adjusted to your needs, you can nourish your face in a natural and more effective way, because the results are visible immediately. Schedule a consultation, and see why patients come back to us.

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Why us?

We are representing a team of educated, ambitious and kind doctors, we try to listen to your wishes and make you feel safe with us. Our goal is for you to finally have a place where you will be very happy to return, in order to maintain your oral health.

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