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What is the price of the filling and what type of filling do you use?

We use only composite (white fillings), because they have shown themselves best through practice. Amalgam (gray, black) fillings are banned for use in Western Europe because they have been found to contain a certain percentage of mercury (poison), which is harmful to our body. The price of a filling depends on the surface of the tooth that has affected the caries, therefore, a smaller defect has a lower price of the filling, while the repair of advanced caries that has affected a large area of ​​the tooth has a higher price.

Can pregnancy cause tooth decay?

It is not true, there is no medical explanation for it. In pregnancy as well as without it, regular examinations must be performed, in order to prevent problems and to avoid complications with dental health with simple preventive measures. In pregnant women, this is especially important, because if there is an malfunction, and X-ray imaging is not possible, then the ”survival” of the teeth is questioned and then the tooth loss is possible, so there is probably a misconception that teeth “decay” in pregnancy.

What exactly does root canal treatment mean and how long does it take?

Due to advanced caries or the appearance of a chronic infection, there is “damage” to the dental nerve, as a result of which the nerve must be removed, the root adequately cared for and filled with adequate medicine, in order to save the tooth. Otherwise, the tooth must be extracted, because it represents a hotbed of infection, and a danger to the whole organism. The duration of treatment depends on the diagnosis, whether an infection is present and if so, which one. In simpler cases, it is possible to complete the treatment in one visit, and in more severe infections, more visits are necessary in order for the tooth to heal and preserve properly.

Is teeth whitening in salons and various aesthetic centers similar to yours?

No, it isn’t. In our country, whitening is done by doctors, with the highest quality materials that only we dentists know, with equipment that only we have. Lasers offered elsewhere are not teeth whitening lasers at all, and over time (usually not immediately) comes to tooth damage, gum burns and other complications due to unprofessional work with teeth. So, choose qualified people, dentists, who have been educated for 6 years and became competent to work with teeth, so you will not have worries.

Nothing hurts and that’s why I didn’t even come for an examination. How come I have rotten teeth?

It is an absolutely wrong opinion that you only go to the dentist when you feel the need (pain, swelling, bleeding). At that time, the problem had already advanced, so it is more demanding to solve it, and therefore more expensive. Regular check-ups are every 6 months and only in this way do you treat your oral health responsibly.

If the dental treatment will take so long and cost dearly, can I remove the tooth and solve the problem in that way?

You can, of course. We offer you all the options, so you decide according to your possibilities. It is widely known that the tooth is the easiest to extract. However, every natural tooth is better than any artificial one and that is why we try to preserve our teeth. Tooth extraction is more affordable, but the later restoration that must be done so that the surrounding teeth do not decay, costs much more than the treatment of that one tooth. We will point out all the options and possible consequences, and together we will find the most optimal solution for you.

Why is it necessary to treat and repair deciduous teeth, when they will fall out?

It is crucial for children to maintain the health of their deciduous teeth until they change permanently. By their position in the jaw, deciduous teeth preserve the place for the placement of permanent teeth, and if they are lost prematurely, the space necessary for the proper placement of permanent teeth is lost. Thus, we get the situation that more and more children have to be under some orthodontic therapy, in order to repair the damage caused by premature loss of deciduous teeth due to caries.

Is it possible to do teeth correction even at the age of 35?

It is absolutely possible. Orthodontics has advanced significantly, so now there is no age limit. You can solve a long-standing problem in a relatively short period of time, with aesthetic fixed appliances or transparent foils, which are mostly chosen by adult patients, because they are barely visible and you can confidently continue with your daily obligations, with a much nicer smile.

How long does it take to put crowns on the teeth of the upper or lower jaw?

The answer to this question can be obtained after a detailed examination and, depending on the situation, the patient’s teeth must be prepared, treated, strengthened for prosthetic care (crowns or bridges), because only in this way a long-term solution can be expected. So, we provide a safe service, it may take a little longer, but you will solve the problem permanently and safely in the only correct way.

Is it possible to pay in your dental office through an administrative ban?

It is possible, just provide us with the data of the company in which you are employed and you can start the intervention soon, with payment of up to 12 monthly installments.


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